5 Best Coffee Maker Review

Globally, coffee is the second most consumed beverage after water and research have shown that coffee drinking is almost as old as human civilization. The first coffee maker was developed by the Turks as way back as 575 AD and its principles mirror our present day coffee maker, minus its technologically advanced features and mode of delivery. Some example of the coffee maker types available today are the single serve, French press, and coffee brewer.

Regardless of how nice certain branded coffee shops such as Starbucks might be, most American still own a coffee maker at home or have access to one at work. The benefits of owning a coffee maker are immense and are listed below.

Benefits of using a coffee maker
  • Saving time, energy and money: Given the beverages prevalence, most people are accustomed o having their cup of coffee at arm’s length. The coffee maker eliminates the need to gather and mix the diverse ingredients such as creamer, coffee, sugar etc. every time you desire coffee. At the push of a button, coffee is served. Also, considering the amount of money spent on buying coffee from shops daily, a coffee maker helps you save money both in the short and long term.
  • Increasing workplace productivity: Since coffee holds a special place in the hearts of most Americans, having a coffee maker at the office is important as it provides workers with their daily dose of caffeine. This controlled consumption of caffeine would translate to greater workplace satisfaction and in turn, lead to increased productivity for the business.
  • Facilitates workplace communication: Drinking coffee is a global culture, therefore the presence of a coffee maker at work would create opportunities for information sharing and communication. While making or drinking coffee, different people and different teams would interact professionally, which might not have been possible in the absence of the coffee maker.

Having a coffee maker whether in the office or at home would is highly economical and it fosters creativity.