5 Best Steam Irons Review

Who does not love wearing a crispy, swanky and ironed outfit whenever possible? We all do. Ironically, ironing is arguably one of the most hated chores. The electric iron was introduced in the late 1800s, while its younger cousin the steam iron got introduced in the early 1900s.

Asides a few fabrics such as silk which can become damaged via the steam iron, this iron represents an upgrade in ironing technology as it offers increased speed and ease when compared to the traditional dry iron. Most recent designs incorporate both features for users seeking to have both the steam and dry iron functionality present.

Benefits of using steam irons
  • Ample storage capacity: One of the hallmark benefits of steam iron is its ability to contain an ample amount of water for the steam generation process. One of the standard sizes they often incorporate is the 1000ml of water storage capacity which usually saves a lot of time used for refilling during ironing.
  • Vertical Ironing capability: In the rare case that you have to iron some form of fabrics such as thick heavy curtains that might be too cumbersome to remove, steam irons are the go-to devices. Without encountering any unnecessary challenge, you can plug your iron to the power supply and use the steam to clear away all wrinkles.
  • Effective steam generation: For any cloth ironing process, research has shown that ambient or inherent water molecules in the fabric are necessary to cancel out all wrinkles. This finding supports the functioning of the steam iron which doesn’t rely solely on the production of steam from inherent water molecules or ambient molecule. Instead, it brandishes a water tank to generate its own steam. Thereby, making ironing seamless and wrinkle-free.

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