5 Best Smart Camera Doorbell For Home Review

With rapid technological innovation leading to a rethink of everything we once held dear in the home, it is a little wonder the doorbell innovation came a little late. Often referred to as the smart camera doorbell, these sleekly designed doorbells have been built to not only serve as an actual bell but to offer other additional benefits

These new devices fit perfectly into our imagination of households for the future as they offer limitless capabilities with reference to ensuring home security. To buttress our point, we have listed below some of the top benefits these technological marvels offer us today.

Benefits of using smart camera doorbells
  • Constant video coverage: As the name implies, the primary purpose of these devices is that they offer constant video coverage for your door. Instead of the traditional peek-hole, these devices give you direct visibility of your front yard even when you are not home. Most of the smart camera doorbells record in HD and stream the feed to your gadget for monitoring.
  • Two-way audio communication: This feature enables visitors at the door to speak directly with you when you are home or not. This comes in handy as it helps you stay clear of unwanted people and keep a safe distance between strangers and your family. Also, you can respond to visitors at the door without revealing your current location.
  • Night vision camera: Most of these gadgets have an infrared camera for monitoring and recording visitors or intruders at night. This ensures your safety while you sleep as such people can be easily identified by the cops in the event of an incidence.
  • Innovative motion sensors: To avoid unnecessary build-up of useless data, these devices work on motion-based technologies that are triggered by interferences in the camera‚Äôs line-of-sight. This enables you to record relevant activities once it is triggered.
  • Wi-Fi & cloud compatibility: These smart camera doorbells offer all these features seamlessly as long as they are connected to your Wi-Fi, can save data to the cloud and can interface with the internet.