5 Best Toy Guns Review

While mainstream media is in no way relenting in its portrayal of military grade hardware use such as guns, several policies seek to ban the use of toy guns in playgrounds and nurseries. This in no wise hampers the immense allure this toy category poses to children. Hence, the development of amazingly friendly soft bullet toy guns.

Unlike the traditional toy guns that pose threats of injury to children during play or leave children drenched and prone to pneumonia as water-guns do, these soft bullet guns have no adverse effect. Below are some of the benefits they offer.

Benefits of using soft bullet toy guns
  • Encouraging physical exercise: These soft bullet toy guns help children exercise adequately while helping them improve their motor skills such as grasping and their hand-eye coordination. Some even come with dart shooting boards to help kids master their focus, thereby drastically reducing their sofa-time and helping them remain healthy.
  • Allowing safe play: These soft bullet toy guns are made from highly durable environmentally friendly materials such as ABS plastics that ensure they pose no threat to the kids and the environment. The rubbers are made from foam, thereby ensuring they have no harmful effect on kids when fired in close range.
  • Promoting team spirit: With some soft bullet toy guns’ darts flying as far as 50 ft, watch your children partner up in teams to defend their territories and establish justice. This teaches kids how to work effectively in teams to get the results they desire, which would come in handy later in life.
  • Mental focus: help your kids heighten their mental focus as they learn to count and monitor their bullet revolver level during gameplay. Some soft bullet toy guns can hold as much as 10 bullets at once in the automated revolver. This toy also helps them learn how to handle strenuous and difficult situations.