5 Best Cameras Wireless Wifi 360° Review

The recent proliferation in camera technology has left the entire world clamoring for constant upgrades and introduction of more innovative camera technologies to satisfy our desires. The 360 wireless wifi camera represents the next phase of security camera technology as it offers a unique panoramic view of its target environment. Designed similarly to smoke detectors, these marvelous technological products can serve as the best security camera in your home or office.

These 360 wireless wifi camera often includes other security video features such as night vision, alarm messaging, two-way radios and most importantly motion detection.

Benefits of using the 360 wireless wifi camera

Amazing angle: Unlike most cameras available on the market today, these 360 cameras offer an amazing 360 degrees angle of view. This means that if they are positioned at a highly centralized and high enough platform such as the ceiling, they can capture your entire living quarters. This view is termed the fisheye view.

Ample monitoring: Whether you have a pet you care about at home or you have valuables tucked away in your home, this security camera is a top pick as it provides ample monitoring. Using its motion sensors, night vision or audio feature, it can provide real-time monitoring and streaming of your living quarters. Thereby ensuring the safety of your loved ones, goods and property.

Multiple easy-to-use functionalities: This 360 wireless wifi camera is designed to be easy-to-use and highly multi-functional. From its 2.4G router compatibility to its SD card supporting feature and its Alarm feature, this gadget is packed full of features that would make your space more secure in a minute. It is also highly compatible with both Android and iOS via a dedicated app that allows for loop recording and remote access.