5 Best Electric Screwdriver Review

Although initially intended to aid the handymen to go about their crafts a lot faster, traditional screwdrivers have ceased to be the top of the screwdriver product range. The new kid on the block is the electric screwdriver. These electric devices are self-powered and self-rotating. Instead of the hand generating the desired torque (the manual twisting motion) to loosen or tighten a screw, this new screwdriver sports a simpler solution; a control button.

This button activates the screw to naturally drive the screw into or out of the hole. They contain a gear for controlling the motor speed, an electrical battery or power cord for energy supply and an electric motor to generate the torque.

Benefits of using electric screwdrivers

Ease of use: Unlike the manual screwdriver that took a toll on the human hand after constant use. This piece of technology saves users from all the drudgery of having to manually drive a screw into a hole. To further ease the functionality of these devices, they are designed with a light towards the tip. This light helps illuminate dark objects for better penetration and screwing.

Ability to increase speed: This novel technology gives users the ability to increase the speed via which the electric motor drives the head which in-turn turns the screw.  In the cases of large commercial work, the speed of the electric screwdriver comes in handy as it saves valuable manpower, thereby increasing productivity and reducing cost.

Versatility: These electrical screwdrivers are designed in ways such that they can be easily deployed in the tightest of places and corners. Also, their design allows for rechargeable battery use which eliminates the need for long windy electrical cords. So, whether you need it in the shed or on the lawn or even on a construction site, this lithium-ion battery powered hand-tool can help ease your workload.