5 Best Bicycle locks Review

It is surprising to note that tens of millions of bikes get stolen globally due to their lack of ample security. Bicycles like cars are meant to be treated as valuable means of transportation as opposed to the popular belief that they are dispensable or replaceable. Bicycle locks are security features that can be used to fasten a bicycle to a stationary object such as the railings of a building.

The best bicycle thieves understand that unless a bicycle frame and wheel are both fastened with the bicycle lock, they can easily be tampered with or stolen.

Benefits of using bicycle locks

Minimizes tampering: Once an appropriately sized lock is used to secure a bicycle in the right way, people who frequently tamper with bicycles are deterred from touching that particular one. This is due to the fact that tampering involves taking the bike out for a spin without the consent of the owner. Although people can still admire, touch and even rest on a locked bicycle, the degree of tampering is minimized by the bicycle lock.

Deters thefts: The major reason for designing these mechanical devices is to prevent the loss of the device as a whole. Whether it is a D lock, a chain lock or any other lock, the presence of a bicycle lock on any bicycle often deters the operations of bicycle thieves. If the lock is a tamper-proof one with an inbuilt alarm system, the siren alarm automatically draws the attention of nearby onlookers to anyone trying to open the device without the appropriate key.

Increases peace of mind: Nothing beats the ability to park your bicycle in the bicycle park and know its location is safe as you are certain you would meet it there upon your return. Should your lock be substandard, the reverse would be the case as although bicycles are relatively cheap, the emotional connections we share with them are often more expensive than their actual worth.