5 Best Bicycle Horn Review

Living in a major city like Boston might have exposed you to the sad news of accidents involving bicycle riders. These accidents occur more rampantly than the local news can cover, destroying or altering lives and property to the benefit of no party involved.

Although bicycle horns are one of the smaller parts of any bicycle, they represent a crucial component for mitigating the dangers of biking in the city. We all know the horn does not stop an accident from occurring neither does it replace a worn-out brake pad during an accident, but instead, it alerts all nearby commuters and drivers of the presence of a cyclist

Benefits of using a bicycle horn
  • Creates safer cycling: Over time, people have associated the friendly tinkle of a bike horn to mean a less dangerous vehicle, thus giving room for laid-back traffic behaviors, which should not be. Recent developments have led to the creation of loud bicycle horns that sound almost like actual cars to caution pedestrians and other road users, thereby leading to a safer highway.
  • It raises sufficient distress awareness or alert: In the case of an emergency or a distress, bicycle horns come in handy as they can be used to draw the attention of passersby to a particular scene. For example, should you experience a mugging about to occur in a quiet alley, you can use your loud bicycle horn to raise awareness of the situation, thus averting the incidence.
  • Night compatibility: New development in bicycle features sport some bicycles with horns that have lights on them. These come in handy as night cycling requires ample light in order to avoid instances of accidents. Also, should the bicycle not have night horn lights, its horn’s sound can sufficiently draw people’s attention to the passing of a bicycle nearby.

Bicycle horns, although sometimes annoying can be a lifesaving device, so ensure your bike has an effective one today.