5 Best Kit Electric Bicycle Review

Currently, there is a global trend reshaping the transportation industry as various players are introducing various products into the mix that not only retains the health benefits of traditional manual bicycles but also caters for bikers need when the going gets tough.

Other audacious product designers chose to develop electric bicycle kits that can be used to transform any already existing bicycle into a fully operational electric bicycle. This electric kit costs a fraction of the price for a quality electric bicycle which most often costs above a thousand dollars.

Benefits of using Kit Electric Bicycles
  • Customizable and Cost saving: Most electric kits cost a few hundred dollars in comparison to electric bicycles that range in the thousands of dollars. Also, they are easily customizable to meet each customer’s requirements. They come in the range of 250 watts to 500 watts and are compatible with cycles and tricycles.
  • Control diseases: Heart disease and stroke can be prevented by having a 2.5 hours’ moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week, so says the American Heart Association. The use of electric kits to convert your manual bike to electric ensures you do not overstress your body systems when cycling uphill, especially for the aged and for the fatigued or physically challenged. The electric motors can be engaged to assist you through that phase.
  • Happier cycling experience: Asides the fact that the electric bicycle has retained all the benefits of the manual bike with increased electrical support feature, electric bicycles created via using electric bicycle kits were found to provide the best riding experience. Owners of such bikes were found to be happier by the European Journal of Applied Physiology. They were happy because they had all the benefits of all 3 cycling worlds; cost savings through the use of the electric kit, electric motor to support their cycling and manual cycling to exercise adequately.

On a closing note, electric bicycle kits are revolutionary as they give customers unparalleled value for their money as they innovate around the health and fitness industry.