5 Best Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure cookers are common globally as they are conventionally the stovetop cookers that use gas to boil the contents of a pot while strategically controlling its pressure. This allows the pot’s content to reach higher temperatures faster and therefore cook faster.

Over the years, the advent of clean energy technologies and the yearning for a cleaner source of fuel, researchers developed the electric pressure cooker that uses electricity instead of gas as the source of cooking fuel. These cooking pots have increasingly become so common that they have been designed to cook various food types using dedicated apparatus.

Benefits of using electric pressure cookers
  • Environmental friendliness: These electric pressure cookers are environmentally friendly as they emit no harmful greenhouse gas into the environment during their use. Also, they have been designed to operate with zero noise emitted. When compared to its stovetop pressure cooker, it can be seen to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Ample energy savings: Electric pressure cooker are known to save as much as 70% energy when compared to the traditional forms of cooking. This is due to the fact that the increased pressure build-up within the pot to about 15psi allows water temperatures to rise to about 121°C as compared to the 100°C boiling point achieved in normal cooking.
  • Safety conscious: These all new electric pressure cookers have been designed to avoid domestic accidents during use via the introduction of technologically advanced algorithms and features to ensure the device operates between its intended pressure limits. Additionally, sufficient easy-to-read pressure indicating bulbs are fitted to deter users from opening the pot abruptly when still hot. Moreover, the bleeding valve is not automatically controlled for safety reasons.

Time and environmentally conscious people would definitely find the electric pressure cooker to be their number one pick against all erroneous beliefs.