5 Best Action Camera Review

Stemming from the 18th-century photographic filming cameras era, camera technology has once again taken a major spike with the introduction of action cameras. These are highly durable cameras that are designed to capture wide-angle action videos in real time offering as much as 120 frames per second.

These digital are most often waterproof and they are designed for capturing tasking challenges and outdoor events such as scuba diving, skiing, and even bungee jumping. The market leader in this camera niche is the GoPro that has a wide range of products and compatible accessories to match them.

Benefits of using action cameras
  • Ruggedness: Most action cameras are designed with some of the toughest plastics available to prevent an incidence of damage or breakage during an event. Also, they often come with a protective casing to serve as a second layer of protection. So regardless of the daredevil feat, you seek to capture, the action camera would conveniently record the moment without incurring any damage. Additionally, these digital cameras are most often most often water resistant, either via their protective casing or through the camera design itself.
  • Versatility: Various mounts are available in the market to enable these action cameras to mount steadily on most objects, even those in motion. So whether it is a moving train, a truck or a surfboard, there are mounts that would perfectly secure your action camera. Also, their portable sizes allow them to easily replace traditional cameras.
  • Functionality: Unlike most traditional cameras, the action cameras have combined upgradable memory storage, easy video upload to a computer or directly to the internet, easy video editing capabilities and an unparalleled Point of View. The POV is their major selling points as it allows for an all-around perspective from the wearer or owners POV.

Contrary to most expectations, action cameras provide all these amazing functionalities and benefits at an amazingly affordable price of a few hundred dollars depending on the brand and the product specifications.