5 Best Jump Rope Review

Jumping ropes represent one of the most fun memories of our adolescence, a period during which we were constantly in the yard all by ourselves or with friends enjoying the outdoor breeze and sun while we jumped heartily. In retrospect, if you think critically, we had little concern about our weight or obesity as we frequently engaged in this pastime exercise.

Jump ropes are in vogue once again and this time not for kids alone. Also, they are becoming popular among professional athletes and fitness coaches who see the value they offer the body. Although jump ropes are often lightweight plastic rope, having one in your bag pack means you can literally take your gym with you everywhere you go.

Benefits of using Jump Ropes
  • Heightened bodily coordination: Whether you are conscious of it or not, when jumping ropes, your eyes, hands, and feet are working in synchronism to ensure the rope passes beneath your feet at the best moment without obstruction. As research has shown, this is a degree of body intelligence that can be increased by learning and mastering more complex jumping techniques.
  • Weight control exercise: Skipping as it is often called is known to aerobically burn calories at a rate of 0.1 calories per jump, resulting in 1,300 calories per hour. Thus making it one of the best weight control exercise as 10 minutes spent jumping ropes is equivalent to an 8-minute mile run. In comparison to running, it burns more calories and can almost be done anywhere and anytime regardless of the weather condition.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular and respiratory health: The American College of Sports Medicine recommends skipping as a form of aerobic conditioning to support heart and lung resilience. Also, they recommend this exercise to athletes to reduce the occurrence of breath shortages which can adversely affect their performance.

In summary, although jump ropes cost only a few dollars, the benefits they offer has no price tag. Therefore, health-conscious people should indulge therein as often as possible.