5 Best Multimedia LCD Stereo Car Review

Who says you must spend thousands of dollars to customize your driving experience? That is a misconception that stems from the 90s inclusion of multimedia systems exclusively in high-end automobiles. In the 21st century, any driving experience can be customized for a few hundred bucks via the inclusion of a highly responsive multimedia LCD stereo.

Although in-dash stereo controllers and receivers can speedily become redundant in our fast-paced technological environment, it becomes important to customize your car with the best infotainment system, whether portable DVD players, LCD screens or even video head units.

Benefits of using Multimedia LCD stereo
  • Safety features: One of the main features these Multimedia LCD stereos offer car owners is their ability to incorporate safety solutions for the automobile and its occupants. It usually sports GPS tracking systems that can connect to most smartphones to either get location guidance based mapping systems or to locate lost vehicles. Also, it could sport a rearview camera that can be very useful when reversing or fleeing from danger.
  • Multimedia experience: These systems offer users the ability to experience multimedia contents such as movies and music from the comfort of their cars. Some systems sport highly responsive HD radios that heighten the fun with unparalleled sound quality. Other systems include headphones which could be wired or wireless for personalized noise canceling experience. Also, in most instances, the dashboard LCD can double as a video viewing screen capable of playing HD videos and playing video games in some cases.
  • Interconnectivity: The Multimedia LCD stereos connect seamlessly with our phones via Bluetooth, or to the internet via Wi-Fi to seamlessly upload and download contents such as destinations, music or even video contents. Additionally, most of these systems offer Android and iOS compatibility modes for user-friendly mobile control.

Thanks to recent technological advancements, cars are becoming more personalized and enjoyable via the prevalence of these amazing multimedia LCD stereos.