5 Best Smart Watches Review

Smart Watches gain popularity in the late 19th century as an on-the-go device with smart phone features. First introduced in 1982 with the brand name ‘Pulsar’ manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company, smart watch has grown its relevance and there are many companies manufacturing smart watches this days such as Sony, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nike etc. While some models can perform only general tasks like gaming, calculation, translation etc, sophisticated smart watches have mobile operating system allowing it to function just like your smart phone. With the help of Bluetooth and NFC chips, we can connect the smart watch with the smartphone.

Benefits of using Smart Watches

Saves Time and Effort: You can easily access messages and receive calls via smart watches. You will get notifications immediately you connect them to your phones.  In some places where mobile phones are restricted you can use a smart watch to see notifications without taking the phone out.

Internet of Things: Smart watches offer you the benefit of remotely controlling your other connected devices. What this means is that if you have a farm that is technologized, with a few simple taps, you can control what happens on your farm from your smart watch.

Tracking: When you need to know the exact location of things, smart watches are invaluable. For example, if you run a transportation business, you can know the exact location of your goods right from your smart watch. If yours is that you want to keep track of fitness schedules, apps such as Endomondo and Strava are well compatible with smart watches.

Travel Guide: Just in case you visit a new town and you are finding it difficult to navigate, with a map app installed on your smart watch, you will get directions and know when and where to turn.