5 Best Action Camera Review

Stemming from the 18th-century photographic filming cameras era, camera technology has once again taken a major spike with the introduction of action cameras. These are highly durable cameras that are designed to capture wide-angle action videos in real time offering as much as 120 frames per second.

These digital are most often waterproof and they are designed for capturing tasking challenges and outdoor events such as scuba diving, skiing, and even bungee jumping. The market leader in this camera niche is the GoPro that has a wide range of products and compatible accessories to match them.

5 Best Cameras Wireless Wifi 360° Review

The recent proliferation in camera technology has left the entire world clamoring for constant upgrades and introduction of more innovative camera technologies to satisfy our desires. The 360 wireless wifi camera represents the next phase of security camera technology as it offers a unique panoramic view of its target environment. Designed similarly to smoke detectors, these marvelous technological products can serve as the best security camera in your home or office.

These 360 wireless wifi camera often includes other security video features such as night vision, alarm messaging, two-way radios and most importantly motion detection.

5 Best Smart Camera Doorbell For Home Review

With rapid technological innovation leading to a rethink of everything we once held dear in the home, it is a little wonder the doorbell innovation came a little late. Often referred to as the smart camera doorbell, these sleekly designed doorbells have been built to not only serve as an actual bell but to offer other additional benefits

These new devices fit perfectly into our imagination of households for the future as they offer limitless capabilities with reference to ensuring home security. To buttress our point, we have listed below some of the top benefits these technological marvels offer us today.