5 Best Children Bicycles Review

Teaching your kids to ride a bicycle is an important parenting step with immense benefits in the short and long term for both parties. Reason being that almost every kid gets fascinated by bicycles at one stage or another and would forever be grateful to you when you buy them a children’s bicycle.

As a parent, it is important to buy a child bicycle that is built for children with scaled down components. Also, there is a need to consider your child’s size and growth projections over the next few years when purchasing a bike for your kid.

5 Best Jump Rope Review

Jumping ropes represent one of the most fun memories of our adolescence, a period during which we were constantly in the yard all by ourselves or with friends enjoying the outdoor breeze and sun while we jumped heartily. In retrospect, if you think critically, we had little concern about our weight or obesity as we frequently engaged in this pastime exercise.

Jump ropes are in vogue once again and this time not for kids alone. Also, they are becoming popular among professional athletes and fitness coaches who see the value they offer the body. Although jump ropes are often lightweight plastic rope, having one in your bag pack means you can literally take your gym with you everywhere you go.

5 Best Kit Electric Bicycle Review

Currently, there is a global trend reshaping the transportation industry as various players are introducing various products into the mix that not only retains the health benefits of traditional manual bicycles but also caters for bikers need when the going gets tough.

Other audacious product designers chose to develop electric bicycle kits that can be used to transform any already existing bicycle into a fully operational electric bicycle. This electric kit costs a fraction of the price for a quality electric bicycle which most often costs above a thousand dollars.

5 Best Bicycle Horn Review

Living in a major city like Boston might have exposed you to the sad news of accidents involving bicycle riders. These accidents occur more rampantly than the local news can cover, destroying or altering lives and property to the benefit of no party involved.

Although bicycle horns are one of the smaller parts of any bicycle, they represent a crucial component for mitigating the dangers of biking in the city. We all know the horn does not stop an accident from occurring neither does it replace a worn-out brake pad during an accident, but instead, it alerts all nearby commuters and drivers of the presence of a cyclist

5 Best Mens Bicycle Helmets Review

As it stands, cycling is considered the eco-friendliest form of transportation with its zero-emission rate and non-reliance on a steady supply of petroleum byproducts. The product is constantly undergoing evolution to meet the changing demands of its global customer base that use it in their sporting or transport needs to reduce the probability of cranial injuries by almost 70%.
Some of the more recent helmets brandish snap on aero panels, rear-mounted lights for driving in the dark and interchangeable weather liners. With sleek outer shells built from a wide range of materials including Kevlar and polycarbonate panels, men’s bicycle helmets have become amazingly functional and fashionable biking accessory.