5 Best Multimedia LCD Stereo Car Review

Who says you must spend thousands of dollars to customize your driving experience? That is a misconception that stems from the 90s inclusion of multimedia systems exclusively in high-end automobiles. In the 21st century, any driving experience can be customized for a few hundred bucks via the inclusion of a highly responsive multimedia LCD stereo.

Although in-dash stereo controllers and receivers can speedily become redundant in our fast-paced technological environment, it becomes important to customize your car with the best infotainment system, whether portable DVD players, LCD screens or even video head units.

5 Best Action Camera Review

Stemming from the 18th-century photographic filming cameras era, camera technology has once again taken a major spike with the introduction of action cameras. These are highly durable cameras that are designed to capture wide-angle action videos in real time offering as much as 120 frames per second.

These digital are most often waterproof and they are designed for capturing tasking challenges and outdoor events such as scuba diving, skiing, and even bungee jumping. The market leader in this camera niche is the GoPro that has a wide range of products and compatible accessories to match them.

5 Best Kit Electric Bicycle Review

Currently, there is a global trend reshaping the transportation industry as various players are introducing various products into the mix that not only retains the health benefits of traditional manual bicycles but also caters for bikers need when the going gets tough.

Other audacious product designers chose to develop electric bicycle kits that can be used to transform any already existing bicycle into a fully operational electric bicycle. This electric kit costs a fraction of the price for a quality electric bicycle which most often costs above a thousand dollars.